We don’t generally get excited about new toothbrushes, but this one has us foaming at the mouth. Why? Because the Amabrush takes just 10 seconds to brush your teeth, its manufacturer says.

It’s recommended we brush for three minutes using a traditional toothbrush – so if the claims are true that’s an extra two minutes and 50 seconds you can have in bed every morning.

The speedy new toothbrush is made up of a silicone mouthpiece that you bite down on, a toothpaste capsule and a rechargeable pod to attach it to.

First, it evenly distributes toothpaste around your mouth, then brushes all your teeth at once. Why this hadn’t been invented a long time ago is a mystery.

Amabrush, which says it is environmentally friendly and zero-waste, has a kickstarter campaign, which has so far raised more than $800,000.

It states on its page: “Amabrush is for people like us – who just brush their teeth because they have to, and not because they want to. Amabrush was designed to make toothbrushing less annoying.”