Now chaps, don’t even think of using this down the pub as an example that we’ve reached equality (not unless you want every female in a five-mile radius to consider dismantling your manhood with their bare hands).

But while it’s common knowledge the gender pay gap usually always leans favourably towards men, when it comes to fashion – it seems the tables are turned.

New data has revealed that female models earn much more than their male counterparts. In fact, they rake in around 75 per cent more and make up nine of the top 10 highest-earning models in Britain.

In the number one spot is Cara Delevingne (naturally), who’s currently banking a whopping £8million a year, according to research conducted by lingerie brand Bluebella, based on catwalk day rates and commercial deals.

It comes as no surprise that the highest-earning male model is David Gandy who is reportedly putting away £4million every year – half that of Delevingne. And he’s the only male model in the top ten highest earners.

Men earning less than women, but doing the same work? How long has this been going on? Do other male models know about this? See where we’re going with this…