(Sphere) Pro Lens

Step away from the selfie stick. The good folk at New Hampshire-based tech startup (Sphere) have released a world first way of capturing 360-degree horizontal and 180-degree vertical snaps from your DSLR. Sure, the likelihood of you re-watching a 360 view of Times Square is pretty slim, but it’s still fun to capture all the same.

Available to rent at (Sphere), priced TBC.

Jays Q-Jays Anniversary Edition Headphones

Proving that bigger isn’t always better, Swedish audio firm Jays is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with a limited edition version of its flagship headphones. The updated Q-Jays model boasts exchangeable cables, dual balanced armature drivers and two speakers in each bud that balance low- and mid-range frequencies. All of which is audio speak for really nice sound.

Available at Jays, priced £298.

Tern Vektron Accelerator

Electric bikes: not just for nanna it seems. Thanks to British bicycle brand Tern, assisted cycling just got a whole lot more stylish. The Vektron model boasts a 49lb weight with enough juice in the battery for up to 80 miles travel without recharging. Plus, you get the pleasure of a sweat-free commute.

Available at Tern, priced £3,100.

LG PJ9 Floating Speaker

OK, so we officially live in the future. Not only does LG’s new floating speaker levitate like something straight out of Minority Report, the clever Bluetooth device automatically docks to the base station when power runs low. And it isn’t just a pretty face. The small egg-shaped device can also blast out music for 10 hours (just in case you really hate your neighbours).

Available from later in 2017 at LG, priced £TBC.

Mujjo Macbook Pro Sleeves

When you drop a grand on a new Macbook, the least you could do is invest in a worthy vessel. Mujjo’s new full-grain vegetable-tanned leather and felt sleeves are designed to accommodate both new 13 and 15-inch models, plus third generation predecessors. In addition to looking pretty sharp, an integrated riveting system ensures your new tech trophy touches nothing but cushioned, protective felt.

Available at Mujjo, priced £59.

Common Projects Cross-Grain Leather Backpack

Having conquered kicks, cult New York brand Common Projects has now expanded into leather accessories. The sleek firm’s cross-grain backpack offers the same minimalist signature as its sneaks, along with a durable Italian leather design, full twill lining and multiple compartments throughout. And it can still easily switch between your suit and your civvies.

Available at Mr Porter, priced £740.

End Clothing Glasgow Flagship

End Clothing has been kitting out Newcastle’s most stylish men since 2005. Now prepare for an army of Scottish sneakerheads to be beating a path to the brand’s new Glasgow outpost, Braveheart style. Beyond being just a handsome space packed with tons of cool stuff, the flagship is expected to be the home of countless exclusive trainer launches in 2017.

Located at 196 Ingram Street Glasgow G1 1DG

Opus One Umbrella

If James Bond was in the market for an umbrella, chances are he’d choose the Opus One. Built by a team of former Samsung engineers, the smart rain shield does more than keep you dry. It also offers up to seven days of weather forecasting, plus the handle vibrates to alert you to incoming calls and texts. Poison dart mechanism sold separately.

Available at Jonas, priced around £75.