There’s one relationship landmark that casts a long shadow on meeting the in-laws, moving in, perhaps even the engagement. No, it’s not the first time you get your leg over. It’s those three little words that induce equal amounts of euphoria and illness: “I love you”.

Some would rather buy a holiday home in Basra than utter such a phrase, but if you are close to dropping the L-bomb, some new research could prove insightful.

Polling company YouGov quizzed almost 4,000 people on their preferred deployment time and a whopping 22 per cent were very specific – the three month threshold. Not only are you well over the awkward dates/dinners/commutes-of-shame-to-work, but real feelings should have developed at this point with your significant other likely sharing the sentiment.

Of course, it should only be said if you actually mean it. Emotions are not to be toyed with, so if you are unsure, make like the 10 per cent of respondents that have never told a romantic partner they love them. Then maybe cut your losses and get on Tinder.