Watch brands have a real habit of referencing the astronomical: sun dials, moonphases, solar measurements and the like – all fancy functions that nobody really needs. Omega, however, has more rights than most to go where every manufacture has boldly been before.

In 1969, as part of NASA’s Apollo 11, Omega’s Speedmaster officially became the first watch on the moon. And, to coincide with the mission’s anniversary – now dubbed ‘Moon Day’ – the Swiss luxury watchmaker has released a short documentary titled Starmen with a cast most befitting of the name: Hollywood meganaut George Clooney, and the second man to ever step foot on the moon – Buzz Aldrin himself.

The pair sit down with a box of popcorn (and stellar watches, obviously) to re-watch the historical lunar landing, reliving Aldrin and Neil Armstrong’s world-first. Clooney, long a fan of both astronauts, says to his childhood hero: “I was eight years old and we looked through the telescope, and I explained to my parents that I could see you guys walking on the moon at that point – which of course was impossible.”

Take note, The Weeknd: these are the real motherf*ckin’ starboys.