Hollywood’s not-at-all-dubious rumour mill is reporting that R-Patz’ relationship with FKA Twigs is on the rocks. And we get it; romantic turmoil can lead to some awful choices. Not like rob a bank awful, but wearing a shirt untucked under a blazer twice in one day awful.

While attempting (and failing) to hide from the paps in a pair of shades, the actor went for a casual take on the blazer. Not a crime in the slightest. Provided it’s done right.

The main flaw here is the shirt; left untucked and undone, it’s flapping more than a 13-year-old girl on the hunt for an autograph.

Then he did it again, just a few hours later, emerging from a New York City hotel with another shirt left untucked. And let’s not even mention the length of those sleeves.

If you want to bring the blazer into casual territory (or, like Rob, are particularly adverse to tucking), opt for a jacket with minimal padding and unstructured shoulders, then layer this over a top without a collar, like a well-fitting, simple T-shirt.

Let it be known that we’re not picking on everyone’s favourite glittery vampire for fun – the man has been responsible for many good looks. But becoming a repeat offender of this crime is one very easy way to lose your sartorial shine.