The temptation for a tracksuit at the airport can be overwhelming, especially if your flight’s at 6am. But unless you want to risk looking like a drug dealer fleeing for Marbella, take a cue in mile-high menswear from Hollywood’s favourite moody vampire, Robert Pattinson.

Last week, the 31-year-old hit LAX – apparently the next best thing to Paris Fashion Week – in a choice blend of neutrals, marrying wardrobe staples for a look as wearable as it is stylish. Pay particular attention to the Dior Homme frontman’s trousers. These days a wider, more relaxed fit doesn’t have to say EasyJet, yet still gives you an element of comfort. It might be the only legroom you enjoy if you have booked with a budget airline.

We very much doubt Pattinson settles for anything less than first class, of course, so his outfit – up-specced by well-chosen accessories – is a premier lounge choice for anyone taking to the skies this summer.