George Clooney made going grey A-OK. Silver locks however, only occasionally form in the same salt and pepper manner – some get streaks, some get the odd wire hair and some, like Robert Pattinson, get the ‘moon patch’. Something that makes his latest cut all the more refreshing.

Often deemed as one of the most inconvenient ways to go grey, the moon patch involves a circular spot of silver or grey hair anywhere on the head. It’s difficult to blend, and usually, is subject to a quick splash of hair dye.

Not in Pattinson’s case, though. At the premiere of his latest flick Good Time, the 31-year-old buzzed his entire head to shine the moon patch in all its glory. While a longer quiff on-top can disguise or integrate a silver spot, a buzzcut delivers a tonal angle that makes for a refreshing change to cookie cutter styles.

Of course, different face shapes suit different cuts, but if you are lucky enough to own a Dior-worthy jawline like Pattinson – and there is a silvery circle on the shine – then perhaps you should embrace the moon patch too.