Newly-minted Wimbledon champ Roger Federer may have broken yet another record (with eight big wins on British soil), but it turns out the Swiss tennis ace is just as skilled in the tailoring department.

During an appearance at the tournament’s closing dinner on Sunday, the Grand Slam winner went transatlantic to turn the dinner suit on its head. By opting for a tie in lieu of a dickie bow, the usual black tie fodder is refreshed without upsetting the dress code, a move that’s more Clooney than it is Djokovic.

Dressing down a DJ is no bad thing. As Federer’s centre court compatriots fill a suit like a 15-year-old at prom (looking at you, Jamie Murray), Federer’s look matches his world class record by letting accessories take the spotlight. The Rolex does the look no harm.

We’re sorry Andy, but our Rog came first on all fronts this year.