Ryan Gosling Just Showed Off A Very Stylish Vintage Rolex

Ryan Gosling is a man blessed with all the goodness: good clothes, good genes, very good partner. And now, it seems the Gos amongst men also has a watch that we all want. Are you surprised? At a recent photocall for his latest film, Blade Runner 2049, the 36-year-old flexed one of the finest vintage Rolex pieces known to man: the Rolex Air-King Ref. 5500. First manufactured in 1957, Gosling’s particular model is from around the late seventies to early eighties, and harks back to a time when Rolex pared back on big statement touches – no coloured dials, no diamonds and no ridiculous diameter that you could conceivably land a drone on. He’s been lucky, too, though. The champagne tone to the dial is the result of a very even patina – the process that re-colours and ages a watch over time. Gosling clearly takes care of his watch, as vintage pieces only tick along with regular maintenance and foolproof storage. And even then, a patina this meticulous is a rarity. Still, flawless dial or not, the only thing cooler than a Rolex watch is a vintage Rolex watch – and one that won’t cost you the world. Well, in watch terms anyway. It’ll still match the best part of three months rent, but you can’t put a price on looking like Ryan Gosling. Your decision.

rolex ryan goslin air king ref 5500

Buy Now: £2,670

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