As a child, bedtime was a curse. But as we become adults and have to, you know, adult, it quickly becomes one of the most desirable places in the world.

And if you ever needed a reason to lie in this morning, tomorrow and every single day for the rest of your life, we think we may have just found it.

The ‘Massage Bed Tatami Bed Fabric Bed Double Bed Storage Bed 1.8 Bed Modern Minimalist Bedroom’ (yeah, not a clue) from retailer English Taobao (again, we never said this was a well-known brand) is probably the most ballin’ bed ever created by man.

In addition to customisable colourways and more room than a serial killer’s lock-up, this kingly tomb boasts built-in speakers, a massage chair, work desk, shelves, a slide-cum-sofa, all the charging points you could ever need and a safe.

The website even lists an ‘Ultimate’ version with a Jacuzzi, so it’s essentially a studio apartment which, given that it costs from just $550 (£420), is a stone-cold bargain.

This might just be our final resting place. And the bed sores will be worth it.

Buy Now: From £420