Supreme has a new A/W collection of accessories that you definitely don’t need, but will probably want to buy anyway. From the ludicrous to some stuff that might actually come in handy, the skate brand has stayed true to form with a random group of collectible pieces. All of which will probably sell out in nanoseconds.

There’s no brick this time round (gutted), but featured in the brand’s latest collection are a sake set, folding exercise mat, chopsticks, a hunting knife, a paperweight made of encased US dollar bills, some hair clippers and a snow sled. There’s also “Fuck the president” keyring, complete with bald eagle and “I pledge allegiance to shit” logo. Which we’re sure has absolutely nothing to do with the political climate right now.

You can also treat yourself to a pair of skull-branded leather gloves for the colder months ahead, or if your budget is bigger, the collection’s creme de la creme is a custom white Fender Stratocaster complete with the Supreme logo and branded guitar strap.

If you just want something for your wardrobe, you can opt for the twin satin boxing robes – if you’re brave enough. The collection also includes boxers and tees with a delightfully strange all-over woodland camo print.