Benedict Cumberbatch is quite the chameleon. With a CV that runs the gamut from Sherlock Holmes to wartime codebreaker Alan Turing, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the British thespian is more at home with period dramas than he is on-point trends. Though thankfully, that doesn’t affect his wardrobe off-screen.

With a laser-like focus on wardrobe staples, the Star Trek actor repeatedly cuts a sharp figure without relying on novelty or gimmicks.

So, to celebrate the Emmy Award-winner’s 41st birthday (and exemplary style) we’ve compiled some of his best looks from the last 12 months. We just hope there’s a sterling birthday suit to follow (no, not that kind.)

Tinker Tailor

The Imitation Game


Clothes Horse

Into Darkness

Bond Material

Grey Matter

Specs Bomb


Black Market

Navy Veteran

Grand Slam

White Collar

Scarf Face

Peak Tailoring