Ryan Gosling

There is a way to wear a white dinner jacket without looking like a restaurant pianist. Just ask Gosling. The La La Land actor strikes the perfect chord with a glove-like fit and a red rose in lieu of a pocket square.

Donald Glover

Red carpet affairs, while stylish, are often boring. Never one to get stuck in a style rut, Donald Glover’s look channels pure seventies. A rich chocolate suit in velvet, an oversized bow tie and a shearling coat checked in the cloak room (probably.)

The Stranger Things Gang

It seems unnecessary for a child to have a stylist. But when they’re gracing as many red carpets as the Stranger Things cast, it makes perfect sense. Not only does Eleven’s gang swerve dad suit territory, a playful take on accessories keeps things age-appropriate.

Rami Malek

Rami Malek may play a computer nerd on-screen, but he’s quite the dandy off it. No unwashed hoodies, no dark circles; just a crisp, classic dinner suit that’s more Astaire than Anonymous.

Justin Timberlake

When your wife’s Jessica Biel, chances are you’ll forever be upstaged. However, JT manages to hold his own thanks to a charcoal, contrast shawl lapel dinner jacket with all the traditional anchors. It’s not all about you, Jess.

Milo Ventimiglia

Actor Milo Ventimiglia proves there’s always room to spin the colour wheel with a classic midnight blue that’s just one degree away from black. Plus, a man that eschews a ready-made bow tie commands deep respect (that self-tying stuff is hard work).

Tom Hiddleston

Just one simple move can make waves in a black tie look – something Tom Hiddleston knows all too well. The Bond-in-waiting opts for a double-breasted peak lapel jacket that not only emphasises his frame up top, but provides a welcome alternative to classic single-breasted designs.

Dev Patel

The squeaky-clean look isn’t for everyone, so Dev Patel shows how to balance out black tie while in front of the bathroom mirror. Roughed up hair and beard add an edge to this otherwise traditional look.

Trevante Rhodes

If your muscles struggle to slide into a tee, you’ll know the misery of finding a suit that fits (our hearts bleed, truly). But Trevante Rhodes proves that a visit to the tailor is well worth the cash. Not only will a few nips and tucks emphasise the body you’ve worked so hard for, you’ll also be much more comfortable on the night.