Who: Rami Malek

Where: LAX Airport, Los Angeles

The day celebrities stop treating LAX Airport like Paris Fashion Week is the day we ditch this column. Once again, it’s Mr Robot’s Rami Malek stomping the departures lounge in a foolproof all-black look finished with textured leather sleeves. Prepare for take off.

Who: Dan Stevens

Where: The Legion Premiere, West Hollywood

Green is tipped to hit the big time in 2017 and it seems Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens is willing to share the limelight. Following our guide, the usually tricky shade is dialled down with a more wearable forest tone and finished with a tonal tie that even the master of the house would approve of.

Who: David Gandy

Where: Larry King Salon Launch, London

Is there anything Gandy can’t do? In addition to photoshoots with Gisele and a jawline we could cut cheddar on, he’s now schooling the world on the art of layering. His camel overcoat sits solidly over a double-breasted jacket, with a core navy palette providing a wearable foundation. Come on Dave, you’re making us all look bad.

Who: Justin Theroux

Where: New York City

Most men in their forties are advised to ditch skinny jeans. Then again, most men in their forties aren’t Justin Theroux. Jen’s fella makes light work of rocker denim by contrasting with a borg-collared worker jacket and a pair of classic Chelsea boots. Just do us a favour and don’t overstuff the pockets.

Who: Dev Patel

Where: Guild Awards, Beverly Hills

Dev may be smiling on the outside, but imagine the monotony of red carpet events: same people, same photographers and the same old dress code. Rather than wearing out his usual dinner suit, the Lion star opts for black and grey separates to refresh formal tailoring. Grin and bare it Dev, awards season is almost over.

Who: David Beckham

Where: Santa Monica

Becks has long shown himself to be a chameleon – footballer, model and more recently, designer. Flip-flopping (but thankfully with no sarong) away from the Savile Row set, here he pulls on three workwear essentials – the worker jacket, twill chinos and Red Wing boots – in muted shades for an authentic blue collar look. Still can’t fool us, though.

Who: James Marsden

Where: SAG Awards, Los Angeles

As a Versace-model turned award-winning actor, it comes as no surprise that James Marsden is a dab hand at black tie. A dark navy jacket up top adds some difference to a staid look, while the contrast black lapels provide the perfect backdrop to his expertly placed pin for a red carpet-approved finish.

Who: The Weeknd

Where: Italy

It’s fair to say The Weeknd doesn’t waste any time in getting something new to show off (and we aren’t talking about Selena). The purple Puma jacket adds a pop of colour to what would otherwise be a dull look, and a gold chain hits the right G note (gangster as opposed to garish). Don’t worry Bella, there’s plenty more Starboy’s in the sea.