It would be a logical assumption that Eddie Redmayne, like his fellow 21st-century leading Brits (Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, David Oyelowo et al.), was required to attend some kind of sartorial finishing school before being offered his first role.

How else do you explain the A-lister’s ability to look just as good on the red carpet in a perfectly tailored double-breasted suit as he does off-duty in chinos and a denim jacket? Yes, he’s also a Burberry model/part-time physicist (oh, that was just a film?), but from colours to cuts, the man just knows what looks good on him. Here are 20 times he proved that theory.

Bird Of Praise

Routine Check-Up

Award Winning Style

Fantastic Coats And Where To Find Them

Reddy Or Not

Green Screen

Knit Happy

White Knight

At A Boy

Leather Misérables

Grey Area

A Strong Suit

Nip And Tux

Fit For Royalty

Dot Cotton

Scarfur Brown

A Multi-Layered Performance

Sew Your Oats

The White Fit

The Eddie Wears Prada

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