Camille Ringoir

Now, you may not have heard of Camille Ringoir. But with a spread in almost every fashion magazine and a gig with underwear outfit Journelle, expect to see a lot more of her soon.

Kate Upton

Kate Upton: the ultimate ‘girl next door’. Except she’s nothing like the neighbourhood hottie back in Crewe. Or Croydon. Or anywhere else for that matter.

Chanel Iman

They said the ‘golden age’ of supermodels ended in the 90s. Well, ‘they’ must be idiots, because Victoria’s Secret angel Chanel Iman is here right now, which would suggest it’s only just begun.

Emily Ratajkowski

Instagram is made for holiday envy. When you’re Emily Ratajkowski, however, you could be pictured in a Siberian building site and the likes would still flood in.

Heidi Klum

As per Heidi Klum’s famous Project Runway catchphrase: “In fashion, one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out.” She’s completely exempt from this rule, and for very good reason.

Jennifer Lopez

Believe it or not, J-Lo is approaching 50, meaning our crush is itself a quarter of a century old. We can’t see it going anywhere just yet.

Nicole Scherzinger

The X Factor is back, and with it, laborious sob stories and provincial karaoke singers that aren’t worth your precious Saturday night. Then again, Nicole Scherzinger is back too, so we’re almost certainly tuning in.

Sofia Vergara

Modern Family‘s fittest alumnus Sofia Vergara proved once again why Colombians do it better at the LA Film Festival.

Zendaya Coleman

After cutting her teeth at Disney, Zendaya is set to star in the Spider-Man reboot as Peter Parker’s bookworm classmate. Mary Jane who?

Bella Hadid

Not only did Bella Hadid front a Versus Versace campaign with her sister’s fella this week, she also snatched a Max Mara campaign. With looks like that, we’re not surprised.