Kanye West is a man that courts controversy. Be it snatching Taylor Swift’s VMA, a lewd lyric about Taylor Swift, or enlisting his wife to expose Taylor Swift via Snapchat (spotting a pattern?), Yeezus is a pro at clinching headlines.

So too is his wardrobe. Though instead of creating a pitchfork Twittermob, Ye’s looks are much less polarising, so much so that his own designs and collaborations with the likes of Adidas often enjoy sold out status. But don’t just take our word for it (or those of angry online Swifties), here are 20 the Louis Vuitton Don’s greatest hits from the last 12 months.

Big In Japan

All Of The Whites

Olive Branch

Bound 2

Devil In A New Sweat

Yeezus Walks

Chain Heavy

White Collar

College Dropout

I Feel It Shade

Keeping Up With A Kardashian

Watch The Tone

Thunderous Applause

Military Honours

Turbo Graphics

Saint Pablo

Call The Paparazzi On Myself

Yo Tailor, I’m Really Happy For You

Cool Summer

Dior Denim Flow