There are plenty of good castings in Disney’s live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, but Luke Evans’ turn as walking machismo machine Gaston is perhaps the best.

It’s not just the Welshman’s acting pedigree – he’s played everyone from a Greek God in Clash of the Titans to a man who may (or may not) have killed his wife in The Girl on the Train – or his impressive set of pipes that made him perfect for the role. It’s also because the character’s chiselled frame and admired dress sense spills over into real life where Evans is concerned.

In swapping the Welsh Valleys for the Hollywood Hills, the 37-year-old has established himself as one of the most promising actors of the new generation, and a dab hand at both on- and off-duty dressing. Here we showcase 20 of his best looks. We warn you, in the words of Gaston, as a specimen he’s intimidating.

Artful Display

Green Screen

Our Daily Red

Tennis Rights

Blue Movie

Coal Powered

Blank Check

Swiss Evans

Blazer Of Glory

Headline Stage

Suit Cause

Sex, Drugs & Rock’n’Rollneck

Leather The Media Storm

Best In Show


Shaping Whole

Waist Man

Art Of Stone

Dracula Unfold

Dish The Shirt