The Podcasts That Will Make You A Better Man

Music streaming services are a great way to soundtrack a boring commute, but no matter how loud he shouts about his bank balance, that new Drake album isn’t going to kick start your motivation to get better.

Whether you’re looking to sort out your finances, launch a new business, get stacked or refresh your mental well-being, there’s probably a podcast that can help you do it.

Radical Personal Finance

Best For: Fresh Financial Knowledge

Planning for the long-haul rather than counting down to payday is a real step towards becoming a fully fledged grown-up. This informative, well-researched podcast created by a qualified, experienced financial planner is accessible enough even for those in the depths of overdraft doom.

Inc Uncensored

Best For: Entrepreneurial Spirit

Covering the world of startups, entrepreneurs and tech-related business news, this podcast covers best practices, industry trends and anything out of the ordinary – a great base of knowledge for launching a startup.

How I Built This

Best For: Business Inspiration

Ted Talk guru Guy Raz interviews a successful entrepreneur about how they built their empires. Raz has an uncanny knack for getting the most boundary-pushing guests of today, with a fascinating insight into Instagram, Airbnb and basically all the companies that run our interconnected world.

Cal Cast

Best For: Channelling Drake

“Only winners are welcome” on Jon Calipari’s podcast. The basketball coach has had everyone from Drake himself to Nike creator Phil Knight on to candidly discuss and get advice on lessons learned, motivations and unfulfilled ambitions (yes, even these guys have them).

Starting Strength

Best For: Gym Newbies

A niche podcast for those who want to get stacked this summer, author Mark Rippetoe chews the fat with experts on everything strength training-related – from programming and technique to nutrition and recovery.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Best For: A-List Fitness Secrets

Concentrating on health, optimisation of the male physique and how to hack the human body, Ferriss gets A-List guests like Jamie Foxx and Edward Norton to spill the beans on how to become healthier and more productive.

Underground Wellness Radio

Best For: Motivation

Feeling unmotivated? Stick this on. Focussing on health, wellness and personal development, it’s a great way to embrace physical and mental well-being and understanding how they work together.

WTF With Marc Maron

Best For: Group Therapy

We’ve all got our neuroses, and there’s no better host to guide us through them than Marc Maron. His guests have ranged from Barack Obama to Judd Apatow, all discussing their anxieties, controversies and deep-down worries with radical, and humour-filled honesty.

The Art Of Charm

Best For: Confidence Building

When public speaking, networking and confidence are holding you back at work or on the dating scene, crank this up. Aiming to help “ordinary people become extraordinary”, it’s created to help everyone fulfil their potential to the max.

Steal The Show

Best For: Workplace Warriors

When business chat gives you the fear, take a cue from professional speaker Michael Port. With tips on how to perform well in job interviews, business meetings and salary requests, he gives tips on how to remain confident and motivational, even when shuddering inside.

How To Do Everything

Best For: Ditching Awkwardness

Half advice show, half survival guide, this podcast is a practical guide on how to deal with a range of awkward topics that might have you running a mile – how to get people to remember your name, how to deal with a rude housemate and even how to ask someone to marry you.

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