Saying Ryan Gosling is well dressed is like stating the sky is blue, or that water is wet, or that we’d like to be married to Eva Mendes, star in box office smash hits like La La Land and wear Dior to the Oscars. It’s a given.

Sure, it helps that Canada’s most stylish export is really, really good-looking. And it also helps that he’s had turns in a series of well-dressed roles, such as Jacob Palmer in Crazy Stupid Love and the driver in, well, Drive.

But The Gos has proved himself as the type of man who knows how to wear the hell out of anything from a suit to a scorpion-embroidered bomber jacket off-screen as well. Want to steal his style? Take a look 20 of his best outfits below.

Strong Suit

The Coatbook

Grey Expectations

Stripe For The Picking

Addams Family Values

Lord Layer’s Show

Full Petal Jacket

The Small Print

Eyes Off The Ties

Cabinet Reruffle

Body Check

Life Of Pablo

Green Screen

Blue Valentine

Breakcheck Speed

Neutral Gear

At The Drive-Thru

Black And Blue

Shade Runner

Blue Ties Thinking