Forget what you heard: not all men were created equal. While some court a pay check with high flying city jobs, others court romance with an occupation guaranteed to woo a significant other. And, according to a recent survey, some jobs are just inherently sexier than others.

The official Tinder blog revealed the top 15 most-swiped-right occupations, and while some obvious roles topped the list, there were some other more surprising entries.

At number one was a pilot, because despite the actuality of spending weeks apart while your fella flies to Qatar, the mile high club still apparently beckons. Then there’s founder/entrepreneur (which explains why the likes of Elon Musk get girlfriends like Amber Heard), closely followed by a firefighter and a doctor. Shock.

That said, a wildcard – engineers – clocked seventh place, while a financial advisor came in at thirteenth. Even millennials need a mortgage, after all.

See below for the full list in its entirety (and to find out whether you should contemplate a career change).