These days, eating meat is rarely guilt-free. There’s the carbon footprint. Then you’ve got health risks, the sheer amount of crap pumped into battery-farmed animals and even threats of ‘chlorine-washed’ meat stateside. Whatever that is, it sounds pretty gross.

There is one very good reason to indulge in something juicy, delicious and packed with protein, however. In a study published by the University of Bristol, meat eaters were shown to be at far less risk of depression than vegetarians and vegans.

That’s right, red meat makes you happy! Of the 10,000 men surveyed, 350 committed veggies were almost twice as likely to suffer bouts of unhappiness.

It isn’t just because a steak tastes good, either. The paper suggests that vegetarian diets are often much lower in B12 – an essential vitamin that aids digestion, joints, balance, pretty much everything – and thus more likely to trigger mental health problems. Pair this with a lower iron intake, and there may be a clear link to such diets and depression.

Of course, feasting on red meat every day will only carve a Tudor-like bod. Treating yourself to the stuff every so often however, may well put a spring in your step.