Watching Kylie Jenner’s fifteenth Instagram story of the day (oh look, she’s pouting in a mirror again) may seem innocuous. Factor in the number of times you’re doing this in a given day, however, and you have to begin to question whether it’s time well spent.

According to newly-released figures from the company, those 25 and older are spending up to a massive 24 minutes a day scrolling and double-tapping. And it’s even worse for younger people. Users under 25 are spending at least 32 minutes on Instagram, which may not seem much, but consider the briskness of the app, and that’s a lot of #boydonegood snaps to be browsing. In fact, over the course of a year it adds up to eight full days of looking at other people’s breakfast.

It’s no secret that social media addiction is on the rise, but these stats do raise questions as to the usefulness of Instagram and the like. Is satisfaction really taken from the sea of very contrived, very filtered photographs? Or does it point to the findings of a study by the University of Sheffield, that found those who spent at least an hour every day on social media were 14 per cent more likely to be unhappy.

Granted, the ‘gram isn’t going anywhere soon. But the odd digital detox wouldn’t do any harm, either.