Let’s be honest, we’re not all as delighted with our jobs as Elon Musk is with his. We subject ourselves to gruelling internships on little (if any) pay, and say thanks at the end of the day in the pursuit of that ‘dream job’. Then we eke out a few years of corporate ladder climbing and land said job, before it all becomes inevitably, depressingly tiresome.

That’s because, in short, work sucks, but it sucks even harder in later life.

According to a study by recruitment firm Robert Half, work satisfaction begins to wane as we tiptoe into midlife: 35 years old. Of over 2,000 British employees quizzed, one in six at this age said they were unhappy, which is more than double the figure of those idealistic, bug-eyed millennials yet to be ground down by 10 years of Monday morning trade meetings.

Reasons included a skewed work-life balance, the need to put a family first or good, old-fashioned disillusionment. Plus, it only gets worse beyond 55. A third of respondents at that age felt an under-appreciation at work.

Better start bundling for early retirement.