World, stop! The iPhone X is here! We can take five minutes off despairing about the general state of things to laugh merrily at the people who spend all night queueing. Plus, we all get to slag off a phone that’ll no doubt end up in our back pockets. Such larks.

Apple head honcho Tim Cook says the latest release is “the biggest leap forward since the first iPhone”. Which you’d hope for a phone that costs £1,149 at the top-end.

Fingerprint sensors have been swapped for a facial recognition scanner, with such a feature allowing users to send emojis within their own image. It’s all terribly Minority Report. Also, you can kiss goodbye to the home button, instead replaced by a smooth 5.8 inch edge-to-edge display.

It’s said to be just as speedy as Android competitors, too, and Apple has made a concerted effort to update a design that’s become homogenous within the smartphone market. Except, it kind of just looks like every other phone out there and the equivalency of dollars and pounds in the pricetag is pure daylight robbery.

Still, it’s sure to find a heap of fans that can’t do without Apple’s leading interface. Here’s our pick of the online reaction.