We’ve all been there. That look. That up-and-down you receive from your significant other just as the cab arrives to take you out for the night. You thought you looked fine – great, even. They clearly think otherwise.

You’d think such an experience shouldn’t be replicated, never mind invited, but the guys at AskMen have done just that (hopefully without the blazing row). In a new series called Style By Significant Other, sartorial power over men’s wardrobes is being placed firmly in the hands of their wives and girlfriends. And the results so far are, well, pretty impressive.

First up, Brendan Fallis and Hannah Bronfman. Both DJs, both achingly New York and both incredibly well-dressed. So, how do you improve the unimproveable? Bronfman had a few ideas, to say the least.

All in all, her fella’s style took a laid back approach. Which means less tailoring and more workwear of the traditional kind. Plus, there were a few more risks – notably the Canadian tuxedo. While double denim has long been a disastrous look, it seems GF knows best on how to deploy it: different shades all broken up with a choice, tonal t-shirt. Hannah also styled Brendan in a number of outfits that nailed the difficult smart-casual sweet spot.

Granted, nobody likes their personal style poking. Though judging by the results from AskMen, it seems we could all benefit from an occasional feminine touch. Take note below.