There are suits. Then there are Tom Ford suits. Ever since the American designer launched his eponymous brand in 2006, the tailoring game has set a standard for the red carpet that comfortably matches what Savile Row has to offer. And now we know why.

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Following a slew of looks from the likes of Zayn Malik, Colin Firth and Ansel Elgort over the summer, there’s been one common thread: the fit. “But of course,” we hear you cry, “these suits have been altered by an army of expert tailors, personal stylists and entourage luvvies – of course they’re well-fitted.” And you’d be correct. Tom Ford’s suits however, are designed to hang in a completely different way to Savile Row fodder.

Consider the muscular block. Few labels can cater to both the likes of Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Andrew Garfield – two different actors with two very different body types. Tom Ford simply goes tighter on the body, emphasising the good bits with a wider shoulder, heavyweight materials and a smaller waist. While a normal suit will clinch in the right places, Tom Ford goes a nip and a tuck further – something your local alteration service can replicate if given sound guidance (or, if that fails, a quick Google image on your phone).

The effect isn’t just a glove-like fit, it’s tailoring as armour. Suits as masculine as they come.

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While fit is the most obvious string to Tom Ford’s very stylish bow, know that other forces are also at play: the details. The designer’s suits are rarely without a standout finish – velvet lapels, satin fabrics or even a jewel-flecked print for the black-tie peacocks. It’s these minor textures that elevates Ford’s red carpet clobber to the next level, and though they’re not to everyone’s tastes, it just goes to show how effective a new fabric can be.

Granted, Tom Ford fits come with Tom Ford pricetags. But that’s not to say these tactics can’t be imitated. Just remember: as Jay-Z once said: I don’t pop Molly, I rock Tom Ford. And frankly, you can do the same whatever your budget.