Tom Daley may never have won gold at the Olympics, but he certainly gets a medal in autumnal dressing. At a recent Michael Kors fragrance launch in London, the 23-year-old – accompanied by his screenwriter partner Dustin Lance – made a big splash with a sharp, transitional wardrobe.

Up-top, the combination of a pilot’s jacket with a neutral sweat has long been a flawless one. The shearling contrasts with both the leather and the sweatshirt, while a trio of colours provides a tonal take that’s simple but effective. Better yet, lightweight cotton beneath will keep you moderately cool until the mercury falls even further.

Then consider the bottom half. Tailored joggers, though hardly a recent fixture, are still yet to be fully embraced as a modern classic. Daley, however, pushes the piece towards staple status with a foolproof, straight leg shape and microcheck. Think more man about town than mandem down the gym.

Finish with some minimalist sneaks (sans socks if the sun still shines) and you’re left with a look that’s equal parts classic – the shearling jacket, the sweatshirt – and contemporary thanks to those modern touches below. Tom, get on that podium, son.