So you’re thinking of suiting up. Kudos to you. Of course, that’s the easiest part – thinking about it. The steps of actually finding a suit (picking the right colour and cut, accommodating slightly larger thighs but a narrow waist, and trying to remember which lapels are right for which occasion) are just ahead and usually fraught with misery.

Luckily, this season Topman has taken to making the whole process a lot more seamless (and a lot less soul destroying). Re-establishing itself as a tailoring destination, the high street giant has introduced a selection of new sartorial styles ranging from wedding-appropriate three-pieces to two-pieces built for the commute. So you can spend less time thinking about wearing a suit and more time, well, wearing one.

Muscle Fit

You didn’t spend hours building paving slabs pecks and shoulders that could dislodge a door frame to have them hidden under a loose-fitting jacket. But chances are you’re also exiled from the world of standard off-the-peg tailoring. Enter the Muscle Fit range.

Cut from a stretch fabric that allows for comfort and movement, as well as a lining that flows with the body’s shape, Topman’s Muscle Fit suits subtly complement bulging biceps and colossal quads without making it look like you were sewn in.

Key Pieces

Black Muscle Fit Suit - Click to buy Navy Check Muscle Fit Suit - Click to buy

Travel Series

Clothing and commuting haven’t always been happy bedfellows. But the unavoidable evil of getting from A to B doesn’t have to be all helmet hair and trousers tucked into socks. Of course, you could origami your suit into a backpack, or you could shop Topman’s Travel Series.

A collection of functional apparel geared towards the urban commuter, the line uses breathable and crease-resistant fabrics designed to adjust with the body’s temperature along with added details such as roll-up reflective hems and butterfly linings for ease of movement.

Key Pieces

TRAVEL SERIES Black Wool Skinny Fit Suit Jacket - Click to buy TRAVEL SERIES Navy Wool Blend Skinny Fit Suit Jacket - Click to buy


The pressure of the big day is enough to give any man cold feet. Did I make the right decision? Is it too late to change my mind? And those are just the thoughts of a wedding guest trying to pick the right suit for the occasion.

With so many dress codes to crack, it can be hard to know which style to say ‘I do’ to. Helpfully, Topman’s Wedding range ticks all the boxes. For summer, the collection focuses on colour, with summer neutrals in cool linens proving the perfect partner for nuptials in the sun.

Key Pieces

Light Blue Skinny Fit Three Piece Suit - Click to buy Stone Crosshatch Skinny Fit Three Piece Suit - Click to buy


Fix up look sharp, a great man once said. We can only assume Dizzee – aka Mr Rascal – was talking about Topman’s Prom line, which pushes black tie into previously uncharted territory thanks to unique details and fabrics.

In addition to sleek, Bond-worthy dinner jackets, the collection toys with tradition through newer styles featuring intricate embroidery, jacquard and velvet for the most daring way to be crowned king of the night.

Key Pieces

Gold Jacquard Contrast Lapel Skinny Fit Tuxedo Jacket - Click to buy Black Contrast Gold Lapel Skinny Fit Tuxedo Jacket - Click to buy


A solid workwear whistle (that’s slang for ‘suit’ to those outside London’s tailoring trade) is guaranteed to work just as hard as any T-shirt or pair of jeans in your rotation.

The everyday appeal of Topman’s Workwear offering comes from hero styles such as the slim-fit, skinny and ultra-skinny suits, made from 100 per cent wool in core colours such as navy, black and grey.

Whether dressed up with a shirt and tie or down with a lightweight knit and sneakers, it’s the nine-to-five kit no man can be without.

Key Pieces

Grey Skinny Fit Suit - Click to buy Blue Wool Rich Skinny Fit Suit - Click to buy