There are many theories as to why women, on the whole, prefer taller men: more masculine, better throw-down, having their own human parasol, who knows. One idea, however – that a taller man is a healthier man – has been cut down to size by recent findings.

The University of Wroclaw in Poland studied over 200 people and found absolutely no link between height and a stronger immune system, dispelling a myth that a woman subconsciously chooses height in the search for hardy genes. Which is good news for vertically challenged guys everywhere.

The bad news, however, is that women still go for taller guys. Just last year, Chapman University of California quizzed over 60,000 men and found loftier participants enjoyed a lot more loving.

Don’t take this to heart, though. The next time some heightist drops the ‘too short’ line on Tinder, here’s your cue to drop the science.