The Beckhams are the Windsors of the fashion world, just without the free rent and backstabbing behind closed doors. So it comes as little surprise that Romeo Beckham – Vicky and Dave’s second son – cuts a class figure. Spotted en route to the US Open, the 14-year-old nailed the world’s trickiest dress code better than most people twice or three times his age.

Sure, the smart-casual holy trinity of a shirt, blazer and slacks sounds like the stuff of Donald Trump golf trips. This time, however, the Beckham heir apparent opted for a boxier cut to update a normally-conservative look (and scoring extra trend points in the process).

Plus, a pair of printed kicks render Romeo both casual and age-appropriate: there’s nothing worse than a teenager that dresses just like his maths teacher. The palette chimes throughout the easy-to-wear outfit, too, with greys and blues matched in the choice colour pop socks below.

Okay, maybe his mum dresses him, but who cares? We’re stealing the look.