What Women Think You Should Wear

Here at FashionBeans, we pride ourselves on giving the best style advice there is out there. But sometimes, you just can’t beat a woman’s touch. Or a hundred women’s touches, to be precise. By spending the last few months in our stylish little lab asking women one of the universe’s oldest questions – ‘what do you want men to wear?’ – we’ve gathered some serious intel on the likes and dislikes of the fairer sex. So we can now reveal what you should be snapping up and what you should be steering clear of should you wish to turn on the charm, right down to your underwear. Which, if you follow this advice, they will almost definitely see.

The Everyday

Whoever said women are complicated probably never bothered to ask them what they want. In our everyday category, responses were overwhelmingly in favour of a solid series of menswear staples (we told ya).

  • Cashmere jumper
  • Slim-fit dark jeans
  • Pea coat
  • Desert boots

“A man in a plain cashmere jumper always looks good – it gives off the impression he appreciates the finer things in life,” reasoned one of our respondents. “A round neck cashmere jumper makes it look like he’s got his stuff together,” added another. As for the denim? “I don’t want skinny jeans, and definitely none of those carrot leg ones. Simple, dark denim goes with everything, so he won’t look like he’s dug around the bottom of the washing basket to find his outfit.” (Related: How To Pick The Perfect Jeans For Your Body Type) The key to a woman’s heart seems to be in sticking to the classics. A well-cut pea coat is a stylish yet ever-practical outerwear option, and it looks as though the ladies have been paying attention. “If he’s wearing a pea coat, he looks smart and cool at the same time,” said one. She’s not wrong, either. Ex-Gieves & Hawkes creative director and now Cerruti chief, Jason Basmajian believes “[the pea coat’s] heritage makes every man look slightly roguish but cool.” The only area in which there was a close runner up was on the feet, with crisp white sneakers narrowly losing out to the desert boot. “They have a bit of edge to them without being ‘edgy’,” one fan argued. But with just two per cent in it, Team White Sneakers still had its supporters. So take your pick, it seems you’ll still have some admirers either way.

Man wearing pea coat, cashmere jumper and dark jeans

  • Water-repellent Slim-fit Short Coat In CottonWater-repellent Slim-fit Short Coat In Cotton
  • Reiss Bravo Double-breasted PeacoatReiss Bravo Double-breasted Peacoat
  • Next Black PeacoatNext Black Peacoat
  • Gant Diamond G Cotton-cashmere Crewneck JumperGant Diamond G Cotton-cashmere Crewneck Jumper
  • Hardy Amies Slim-fit Cashmere SweaterHardy Amies Slim-fit Cashmere Sweater
  • Uniqlo Men Cashmere Crew Neck SweaterUniqlo Men Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater
  • Uniqlo Men Selvedge Slim Fit JeansUniqlo Men Selvedge Slim Fit Jeans
  • Raw Selvedge Slim-fit JeansRaw Selvedge Slim-fit Jeans
  • Gap Slim Fit JeansGap Slim Fit Jeans
  • Dune Calabassas Lace-up Desert BootsDune Calabassas Lace-up Desert Boots
  • Polo Ralph Lauren Marlow Desert BootPolo Ralph Lauren Marlow Desert Boot
  • Clarks Originals Desert BootClarks Originals Desert Boot


The term ‘smart-casual’ has many meanings and offers up a veritable platter of wardrobe options, which also means there’s a wide margin of error. However, we’ve whittled down our study to one go-to look that’s 100 per cent female approved. (Well, 72 per cent. We tried.)

  • Pink or white Oxford shirt
  • Chinos in a plain, neutral shade
  • Loafers

Over two-thirds of our respondents opted for the same, or a very similar, look. Starting at the top: the choice of a plain Oxford shirt won out almost every time, but there was a divide on which shade the piece looks best in. While some women prefer classic white, others favour a subtle pink. Luckily there was sisterhood on one pertinent topic. “I hate it when men have a curled collar, or haven’t looked after their shirt properly,” said one wrinkle-hating reader. “It makes me think they can’t look after themselves and are going to want me to be their maid. And not in a sexy way.” (Related: Common Men’s Style Oversights – And How To Fix Them) On the legs, chinos trumped denim or tailored trousers as the best smart-casual option, but with some caveats. “Pleats always remind me of my dad, so please, no.” As with anything, it pays to shop around and find the perfect pair as settling for anything less will be noticed. “I hate it when a man has trousers that are too long or too short. Get them tailored if they don’t fit.” Style writer Luke Leitch has some advice for picking out the perfect pair to pull, and for keeping them that way. “They should have nothing especially flashy about them, and the cut should be just slim enough in the leg to appear modern,” he says. “Wash them carefully to avoid post-machine crinkle and replace them when you start to get the dreaded ‘shiny seat’ on your backside.” As for footwear, it turns out that ladies love loafers. “A man in a loafer looks like he cares about his appearance without being stuffy.”

Man wearing a white oxford shirt and khaki chinos

  • Reiss Steer Slim-fit ShirtReiss Steer Slim-fit Shirt
  • French Connection Summer Soft Regular Fit Oxford ShirtFrench Connection Summer Soft Regular Fit Oxford Shirt
  • River Island White Casual Slim Fit Oxford ShirtRiver Island White Casual Slim Fit Oxford Shirt
  • Topman Grey Stretch Slim ChinosTopman Grey Stretch Slim Chinos
  • Ami Slim-fit Cotton-twill ChinosAmi Slim-fit Cotton-twill Chinos
  • He By Mango Slim-fit Garment-dyed ChinosHe By Mango Slim-fit Garment-dyed Chinos
  • Loafer 31 By LaurenceLoafer 31 By Laurence
  • Ruling Tan Smart Penny LoaferRuling Tan Smart Penny Loafer
  • Office Franco Penny Loafers Grey SuedeOffice Franco Penny Loafers Grey Suede

In The Office

Getting dressed on a Monday morning is enough to make even the most stylish man resort to throwing on the nearest thing they can find. But now there’s no excuse, as it turns out you don’t need to do anything flashy to nail deskside smart.

  • Cashmere jumper
  • White Oxford shirt
  • Tailored trousers
  • Cap-toe Oxfords

Investing in a cashmere jumper appears to be a shrewd move, as once again it rose to the top of the list, trumping blazers and waistcoats as the favoured top layer. “If there’s a bloke at work wearing decent cashmere, I’d probably think he knows what he’s doing,” said one respondent. Unlike the day-to-day attire, though, women rather it was layered over a crisp white shirt. “A peep of smart white collar ticks the formal box without having some gaudy tie on display,” said another. Chinos lost out in this category to a pair of smart, tailored trousers, and not just for their perceived formality. “A pair of black tailored trousers makes any man look good – they seem to slimline their shape somehow,” identified one participant. Stylist to the stars Samantha McMillen, who has dressed the likes of Johnny Depp, Ashton Kutcher and Jamie Foxx, backs up the findings. “Tailored trousers look great on everyone, providing they are, duh, tailored,” she says. “Men tend to buy tailoring off-the-peg one size bigger than they should, and then stick to that size when they buy another one. Instead, buy the right size for yourself at that moment and go and get it tailored. This will flatter your body shape and make you look slimmer.” (Related: 9 Ways A Tailor Can Make You Look Better) Oxford didn’t just top the shirt stakes, either. The preferred shoe shape was the cap-toed Oxford, as “it has detailing, so I think he’s interested in what he wears, but they’re not too garish for the office,” according to one stylish stickler for detail.

Man wearing Cashmere Jumper With white shirt underneath

  • H&m John Lewis & Co. Cotton Silk Cashmere Moss JumperH&m John Lewis & Co. Cotton Silk Cashmere Moss Jumper
  • Rag & Bone Kaden Cashmere Crew KnitRag & Bone Kaden Cashmere Crew Knit
  • Uniqlo Men Cashmere Crew Neck SweaterUniqlo Men Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater
  • Reiss Steer Slim-fit ShirtReiss Steer Slim-fit Shirt
  • Drakes Button-down Collar Cotton Oxford ShirtDrakes Button-down Collar Cotton Oxford Shirt
  • Uniqlo Men Oxford Slim Fit Long Sleeve ShirtUniqlo Men Oxford Slim Fit Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Reiss Knapp T Wool Tailored Trousers BlackReiss Knapp T Wool Tailored Trousers Black
  • John Lewis Washable Tailored Suit TrousersJohn Lewis Washable Tailored Suit Trousers
  • Topman Black Twill Slim Fit Suit TrousersTopman Black Twill Slim Fit Suit Trousers
  • Leadenhall Black Formal Oxford ShoeLeadenhall Black Formal Oxford Shoe
  • Hugo Boss Stockholm Cap-toe Leather Oxford ShoesHugo Boss Stockholm Cap-toe Leather Oxford Shoes
  • Ask The Missus Evans Toecap Oxford Brown Hi Shine LeatherAsk The Missus Evans Toecap Oxford Brown Hi Shine Leather

Wedding Guest

Nothing is more photographed or more scrutinised than a wedding outfit. While women can spend months picking a dress (even if they’re just an evening guest), men have a tendency to go on autopilot and side with a plain old lounge suit. Luckily, if this is you, you’re on the right track (kind of).

  • Navy suit
  • Crisp white shirt
  • Complementary tie
  • Brogue or wingtips

Brightly-coloured suits were deemed too informal for a wedding by our females. However, it does, of course, depend on the dress code and they did, in fact, receive some positive comments. “I love a man in a bright suit, it looks confident and smart. But for a wedding, it looks like they’re trying to outshine the wedding party,” said one. The preferred hue was, perhaps unsurprisingly, navy, which beat black and grey tones to the top spot. “A navy suit looks so much better than a black one at a wedding […] a black one is way too funeral-like.” (Related: What To Wear To A Summer Wedding) Style writer Liza Corsillo agrees. “Nothing says sex appeal like a well-tailored, navy suit. Keep everything else classic, but throw in a bright white pocket square and a bright white smile and you’ve cinched it.” Our panel also want their men to go one step further with the accessorising, opting for a tie that complements their partner’s outfit. “I don’t want him to wear the same colour tie as my dress, but I don’t want it to clash in the pictures so he should at least consider it when picking out his tie.” Call it the La La Land effect, but the overwhelming response to the footwear selection on this question was the full brogue or wingtip. “Wingtips look retro but still modern,” said one. They’re actually considered slightly less formal than the plain or perforated cap-toe shoe, but they do have a level of detailing that adds some jazz-hands magic to any look, whether you’ve got two left feet or not.

Navy suit with white shirt

  • Mr.start Rivington 2pc Suit In Dark NavyMr.start Rivington 2pc Suit In Dark Navy
  • Suitsupply Lazio Navy PlainSuitsupply Lazio Navy Plain
  • Reiss Murrell Modern-fit Wool SuitReiss Murrell Modern-fit Wool Suit
  • Tm Lewin Poplin Plain Fully Fitted Formal ShirtTm Lewin Poplin Plain Fully Fitted Formal Shirt
  • Hugo Boss White Jenno Slim-fit Cotton ShirtHugo Boss White Jenno Slim-fit Cotton Shirt
  • Slim Fit Egyptian Cotton Poplin White ShirtSlim Fit Egyptian Cotton Poplin White Shirt
  • Drakes 8cm Slub Wool Silk And Linen-blend TieDrakes 8cm Slub Wool Silk And Linen-blend Tie
  • Reiss Ida Silk Houndstooth TieReiss Ida Silk Houndstooth Tie
  • F&f Textured Slim TieF&f Textured Slim Tie
  • Ted Baker Hann Brogue Lace Up ShoesTed Baker Hann Brogue Lace Up Shoes
  • Okeeffe Felix Water-resistant Leather Wingtip BroguesOkeeffe Felix Water-resistant Leather Wingtip Brogues
  • Pablo Tan Wingtip Brogue ShoePablo Tan Wingtip Brogue Shoe

What Lies Beneath

There’s a finite number of options available when it comes to underwear. Male opinions are strongly divided on which ones they think are the most attractive to the opposite sex. But a whopping 84 per cent of our respondents came through with the same answer for both underwear and bedtime attire: boxers. “Briefs [are a bit] like being in bed with Magic Mike – which sounds great in my head, but in reality, I don’t want to see that much of your inner thigh thank you very much,” said one. That participant was backed up by another: “A well-cut boxer looks better on everyone. Please, no novelty pants, no weird shapes, no baggy ones.” It seems that all other varieties are seen as, well, a bit pants. The Times fashion editor Laura Craik does have one caveat, though. “I dislike any pants that have a logo running around the elastic. It’s tragic, and a bit weird. Why would you advertise any brand via your boxers?” It’s time to swap brand loyalty for something more low-key. (Related: Everything You Need To Know About Men’s Underwear)

David Gandy in Boxers

  • Asos Jersey Boxers In Monochrome 3 Pack SaveAsos Jersey Boxers In Monochrome 3 Pack Save
  • Schiesser Ludwig Three Pack Boxer SetSchiesser Ludwig Three Pack Boxer Set
  • Calvin Klein Underwear Three-pack Stretch-cotton Boxer BriefsCalvin Klein Underwear Three-pack Stretch-cotton Boxer Briefs
  • Slate Grey Boxer BriefSlate Grey Boxer Brief
  • Uniqlo Men Airism TrunksUniqlo Men Airism Trunks
  • Mens Classic Fit Boxer ShortsMens Classic Fit Boxer Shorts

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