Following biker leathers and that sarong, David Beckham has been riding high in the style stakes for years. And, it seems a stellar wardrobe has served the 42-year-old financially, too, with more ambassadorships than there are Supreme collabs. But after such a peak, could we (whisper it) be set for a trough?

Well, that depends on how you look at it. Pictured backstage at a recent Dave Chapelle gig (he got the VIP treatment, obviously), Beckham was sporting a considerably less cleaner look. Gone is the quiff. Gone is the tailoring. Instead, we’re left with a Kurt Cobain tribute that taps into the resurgent 90s grunge trend – and one that could be at odds with a man of Beckham’s age. Maybe.

As is tradition though, he manages to pull it off, in our opinion. The beard and longer locks are relatively tame and, thankfully, there’s no band tee or mid-life crisis jewellery. Beckham has long swung from smart to casual but with his latest reinvention, we can’t help but wonder if the new look will alienate some of his most ardent admirers. We’ll let you decide on this one.