The next time you receive an earful for rolling in from the pub at 1am, remember this godsend of a trump card: it’s apparently good for your health.

Okay, so maybe not the six pints, but according to a study by Professor William Chopik at Michigan State University, the social element is key to a long and healthy lifespan.

Around 270,000 participants from almost 100 countries were asked to self-rate their health and happiness levels. Those with a strong support network of friends and family were found to claim fewer health problems overall, while social interaction was also shown to be a strong predictor of good health for older participants.

The only caveat is that you have to actually like your friends (hard sometimes, we know). Chopik discovered that when friends were reported to be a source of strain, participants were more prone to chronic illness than someone with #squadgoals.

With a greater need to raise awareness and prevent male depression, suicide, and other mental illnesses than ever before, we’d say that’s enough reason to get the drinks in.