You love your significant other. You understand each other. You share interests. You’re in tune. But for the love of them, and all that is holy, no amount of #boydonegood Instagrams can excuse a his ‘n’ hers get-up.

Prince William and Kate Middleton – we hope you’re reading this, because you two have form. The latest in a long line of celebrities to coordinate looks, the future king is nowadays rarely seen in a tie that doesn’t complement his wife’s dress.

What a royal mess. Matching get-ups should be solely limited to twin toddlers south of the age of five, so why do some of Tinseltown’s biggest names insist on continuing the trend?

Just take Justin Timberlake. A tracksuit made of rotting flesh would’ve worn better than his tandem Texan tuxedo with Britney Spears. Yet the ‘Cry Me A River’ crooner caused us to well up again by matching actual tuxedos with Jessica Biel at the Runner Runner premiere in 2013. JT, you and Jess may well be in-sync, but we don’t need a visual reminder.

Less surprising are the crimes of Kanye and Kim K. Not only do they wear matching outfits, but they wear matching brands. Which, considering the amount of free Balmain they likely receive, makes economical sense. But as two of the world’s biggest (and most divisive) style icons, surely the West-Kardashians can do better?

And lest we forget David and Victoria Beckham – former patron saints of tack. While the pair are well-deserving of the best-dressed titles they regularly earn, matching Gucci biker leathers aren’t even fit for the bargain bin.

Justin Timberlake has previous experience when it comes to matching outfits

Like two-day hangovers, world wars and Fred and Rose West, good things don’t always come in pairs. And since you’re both consenting adults (or you very well should be), we strongly recommend being – and dressing – your own person.