You might feel like a fool asking Siri for the nearest ATM, but voice command is set for big business according to a new study.

A piece of research called the Walker Sands 2017 Future of Retailer Study says that voice automation is the next unavoidable shopping trend – meaning you may well be asking for new pair of sneakers alongside unreliable weather reports.

Out of 1,622 surveyed consumers, 24 per cent owned at-home voice-controlled devices, while another 20 per cent were planning on adopting one in the next year – a huge proportion of potential shoppers with voice automated capabilities. Which means an even bigger opportunity for retailers to capitalise, much like Amazon’s decision to let Alexa roam on non-Amazon devices.

But while her, Cortana and any other smart-hub based, toff-named lady will be more than happy to purchase, sadly, the money will still be coming from your back pocket. And we doubt she’ll tell you if your new trousers are a bit tight around the back, either.