Love is a battlefield. After three or four dates wining and dining your romantic interest (though remember this is 2017, and bills are there to be split), you’ve overcome the delayed, pre-meditated texts, the awkward chit-chat, the considered self-presentation, and she’s finally coming back to yours – only to vacate the premises in five minutes, leaving the deal unsealed.

What exactly went wrong? Well, a new survey by interiors retailer Furniture 123 may prove insightful. Over 1,000 women were quizzed on their deal-breakers when it concerns a significant other’s home, and it seems an untidy streak topped the list at 85 per cent.

That said, tidiness and cleanliness are two very different things. In the survey, 81 per cent listed a bad smell as a deal-breaker, while 80 per cent let skidmarks on the toilet bowl put the brakes on a potential hook-up. Dirty clothes on the floor and tired furnishings quickly followed.

Plus, it makes complete sense to ex-proof your place. Some 59 per cent highlighted signs of a former girlfriend as an absolute deal-breaker. So, if she’s not coming back, perhaps bin that bedside holiday snap (if not for your new love interest, then for your own sanity).

On this occasion, it seems like mum really does know best – tidy your room.