Elsa Hosk

Sure, the hallowed Victoria’s Secret show wrapped up weeks ago, but Elsa Hosk is sure to keep you warm through Christmas and beyond.

Josephine Skriver

There’s many a reason to love Scandinavia: the furniture, IKEA meatballs, good denim and now, Josephine Skriver. Though saying that, we know which one we’d rather have in our front room.

Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o, long an advocate for women’s equality, recently called out a magazine that photoshopped her natural hair. Which, all things considered, is ridiculous – especially when she looks this good in the flesh.

Amy Jackson

Born on the Isle Of Man and now a Bollywood mainstay, former Miss Teen World Amy Jackson is a genuine woman of the world. Unfortunately, she’s not in ours.

Jessica Chastain

On-screen lobbyist in Miss Sloane, anti-suicide activist, and the first to publicly support Robin Wright’s House Of Cards takeover: seems like Jessica Chastain has quite the head on her shoulders, in every sense of the word. Chastain 2020.

Blanca Padilla

From Dolce & Gabbana to Versace to Victoria’s Secret, Spanish model Blanca Padilla works the ballerina look just as well as any runway. Which is not a complete shocker, to be honest.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Daddy’s Home 2 is only beaten by overcooked veg as the worst thing about Christmas. Alessandra Ambrosio’s appearance did, however, give us a little boost of festive cheer. As all Alessandra Ambrosio appearances tend to do.

Daisy Ridley

If 2017 has been a year when female empowerment got real, consider Daisy Ridley another hero of the cause. After all, The Last Jedi is a woman. Talk about a new hope.