Tonka Candle by Laboratory Perfumes

When we say ‘give your bedroom the Breaking Bad treatment’ we obviously don’t mean turn it into a meth lab. Instead, upgrade your airspace with this masculine smelling candle from Laboratory Perfumes, which distills a heady mix of pink peppercorn, earthy tonka bean and mandarin into a reusable glass science-style beaker.

Available at Osmology, priced £39.

Jabra Elite Sport Headphones

Cut the cord and never get tangled up in the treadmill again with these training buds from Danish audio firm Jabra. As well as blasting out motivational tunes (okay, One Direction), the sweat- and waterproof wireless earbuds serve as a wearable PT, monitoring heart rate, calories burned, speed, step count and more via a connected app.

Available at Jabra, priced £229.99.

Airbus x Pagani Infinito Jet Cabin

For us mere mortals, there’s rarely anything stylish about being crammed into a tin shed and shot into the sky. However, for the Elon Musks of the departure lounge, this is what air travel looks like. A joint project between Airbus and Italian car brand Pagani, the Infinito Jet takes luxury to new heights with a glass ceiling, carbon fibre furniture and separate dining area. Available in 2019, expect to pay nine figures, Mr Musk.

Essential Phone

If you’re going to buy a phone, you may as well find one crafted by the experts. No, we’re not talking about Apple, Google or Samsung, but Essential. The brainchild of Android creator Andy Rubin, the firm’s debut model is made from sturdy titanium and features a stripped-back design, almost edge-to-edge screen, wireless charging and the ability to snap on accessories, such as a 360-degree camera.

Available at Essential, priced £540.

Victorinox Pioneer Nespresso

Taking Nespresso pods into the woods sounds like the most middle-class camping trip going, but in fact, it’s a collaboration between the coffee brand and Victorinox. The Pioneer Nespresso Livanto is a seven-function Swiss Army knife, each one made from 24 recycled coffee capsules, designed to showcase both companies’ commitment to sustainability.

Available at Victorinox, priced £49.

Scribble Ink Pen

At school, only the most baller kids had multi-colour pens, but these days red, blue and green ink doesn’t cut the mustard. Enter Scribble, a futuristic piece of kit capable of scanning any object (think a piece of fruit, jumper or even the family pet) before recreating the shade exactly. Doodling just got a lot more dope.

Available at Scribble Pen, priced £190.

Maurten Drink Mix 320

Running shoes can only take an athlete so far, so Swedish startup Maurten has come up with what it thinks is the “holy grail” of high-carb supplements. Mix 320 is a unique formula said to contain a stronger concentration of carbs than any other energy drink. Combined with water it tackles the issue of glycogen depletion and provides three times as much energy as a normal pre-workout pick-me-up.

Available at Maurten, priced £40.

Snapchat Spectacles

The closest any of us are going to get to Terminator vision, Snapchat has finally launched its ‘Spectacles’ sunglasses in the UK. The high-tech glasses let wearers capture first-person pictures and record short videos with the push of a button, making them the ultimate festival-friendly shades.

Available at Spectacles, priced £129.99.