Brown Jordan ASA-D2 Outdoor Kitchen

February is no time for a BBQ, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan ahead by investing in kit that will smoke any competition come summer. This freestanding outdoor kitchen from design firm Brown Jordan is made from a durable aluminium structure and comes packing a monster Caliber grill and modular work surfaces. Hot stuff.

Available at Brown Jordan, price upon request.

Tom Dixon Eclectic London Hand Duo Soap

Still scrimping on soap? Stop immediately. Allow design heavyweights like Tom Dixon to replace your old squish-and-rinse with a duo of fragrance-enriched balms that’ll leave your palms smelling of honey, rosehip and oud. Which is scent-speak for really, really nice.

Available at Tom Dixon, priced £59.

Tumi Luke Reflective Roll-Top Backpack

As any cyclist will tell you, the road isn’t always the safest place to be on two wheels. Fortunately, sturdy luggage saviour Tumi has released a bike-friendly backpack that combines on-trend utility with a light-reactive fabric. If nothing else, the shiny material will help distract from that Lycra you’ve poured yourself into.

Available at Tumi, priced £530.

Lenovo Phab 2 Pro

Remember those cardboard VR headsets that frightened everyone’s nan at Christmas? Well, now you can frighten yours too with Lenovo’s Phab2 Pro – the world’s first smartphone with Google’s Augmented Reality software, Project Tango. The high-powered handset offers all the usual trimmings of your standard iPhone along with a 2k 6.4-inch display and multi-channel audio capabilities.

Available at Lenovo, priced around £400.

Rockit Log Speaker

If you prefer your beats organic and your music choppy, opt for a Rockit Log by product designer Jay DeMerit. Each speaker is made from a piece of acoustic-quality wood reclaimed from forest off-cuts, meaning no two are the same. Plus, you’ve got all the usual hallmarks of a quality soundbox: 10-hour battery life, powerful amplifier and Bluetooth capabilities. Solid stuff.

Available at Kickstarter, priced £159.

Aston Martin Vanquish S

While we can’t be certain who will be the next James Bond, we can at least hazard a guess as to what he’ll be driving. The new Aston Martin Vanquish S boasts a ludicrous six-litre V12 engine and a whopping 580 horsepower. That’s enough to leave any agent shaken and stirred.

Available at Aston Martin, priced £249,000.

Piaggio Gita Cargo Robot

It seems the dog has had its day thanks to the revolutionary Gita robot from Italian scooter brand Piaggio. The cargo-holding companion can carry up to 18kg of gear at a top speed of 22mph, tracking its owner via a belt that creates a 3D map of the area.

Available at Piaggio, priced TBC.

Bel-Air Mansion

Make like Pablo Escobar and escape to your own Bel-Air retreat, complete with a 12-deep car collection, helipad and seven live-in staff members. At a cost of around £200m you’d probably need to be in the same job as Colombia’s premier cocaine baron just to afford the deposit. Which we obviously do not endorse.