Master & Dynamic X Leica Headphones

What do you get when you cross an audiophile with a cameraphile? No it’s not the start of a dirty joke. A tribute to Leica’s fabled lenses, the Master & Dynamic 0.95 Signature Collection features three sets of cans including the cowhide-wrapped MW60 wireless on-ears, complete with red acoustic mesh cup lining and 16-hour battery life.

Available at Master & Dynamic, priced £499.

Montblanc Summit Smartwatch

We’ve hit peak smartwatch – but not in the way you might think. Montblanc, named after the highest mountain in western Europe, has finally launched its highly anticipated Summit model. Developed in conjunction with Google and exclusive to Mr Porter, the intelligent timepiece features a touch-screen display, heart rate monitor, fitness tracker and built-in personal assistant.

Available at Mr Porter, priced £795.

Sobro Coffee Table

As if the return of House of Cards wasn’t enough excuse to never leave the sofa again, the guys over at Sobro had to go and invent the greatest living room innovation since the remote control. So bro, what’s in your coffee table? Terrible pun aside, the answer is a fridge, Bluetooth speaker, LED lighting and USB charging ports, all controlled by a sleek touch interface. You know where to find us.

Available at Indiegogo, priced £500.

Sven Cycles Roadster

The last Sven we Brits came into contact with may have left a bad taste in our mouths, but that’s all change. The award-winning British bicycle builder of the same name has launched a lineup of semi-customised models, including the all new Roadster. Crafted in Dorset, the hand-painted black frame is designed to feel as good as it looks thanks to an upright riding position and swept back bars that deliver a relaxed ride.

Available at Sven Cycles, priced £1,500.

Acqua di Parma Travel Set

Italy has long been famous for its food, culture and impeccable sense of dress. But the country has also offered something equally desirable since 1916. Acqua di Parma’s range of grooming accoutrements have been on the bathroom shelves of the world’s best dressed for more than a century and are now available in travel sizes, so you can smell good on the go.

Available at House of Fraser, priced £99.

The Pliqo Bag

If heading away and needing to take a suit you could wear it (and bear several hours of discomfort) or put it in your case (which is sure to result in creases), or you could invest in Pliqo: a smart (and stylish) folding garment hanger that lets you fold your suit down to the size of a laptop bag with minimal creasing.

Available at Kickstarter, priced £120.

Troubadour Goods Stationery Set

It’s probably been so long since you last held a pen that you’ve forgotten what your handwriting looks like. Reclaim the power of good stationery with the latest range from leather goods gurus Troubadour. Comprising a handmade Italian leather notebook cover, pencil case, A5 notebook and Swiss-made pen; there’s no excuse for scrimping on thank-you notes, now.

Available at Troubadour, priced £35.

Karim Rashid X Stratus Wines Decanter

New York-based designer Karim Rashid has partnered with boundary-pushing Canadian vineyard Stratus to create a decanter that ticks the boxes of both form and function. Made to break the mould of the traditional bottle, the unusual shape actually catches sediment from unfiltered wines to enhance their taste.

Available at Stratus Wines, priced £75.

The Light Phone

Going on holiday in 2017 isn’t as simple as just switching off. With apps and Wi-Fi available everywhere, the mind is often still in the office even while the body is on the beach. The Light Phone has been designed to reverse the trend, working as a second phone on the same number as your smartphone, but – shock horror – all it can do is make and receive calls. Radical.

Available at The Light Phone, priced £130.