Perricone MD Nourishing Moisturiser

It’s January and it’s been snowing, so chances are the skin on your face feels like dried out old rope. Give your parched mug what it deserves with this cosmeceutical wonder from Perricone MD. Not only will it look impressive in your bathroom cabinet, it’s packed with antioxidant Vitamin E and Olive Polyphenols.

Available at Mr Porter, priced £62.

Nintendo Switch

After its ‘official’ unveiling in October, which gave away precisely nothing about the console, we’ve finally got our hands on full details for the Nintendo Switch, including information about, well, what it actually does. What’s got us most excited about the hybrid handheld-cum-TV console is that it will launch with new versions of both Super Mario and Zelda, as well as a special edition Fifa.

Available for pre-order at Game and available from 3 March, priced £280.

Elago Apple Watch W3 Night Stand

Apple’s pared-back Apple Watch is a triumph of design and functionality. But it’s not exactly fun, is it? This nightstand lines up your watch screen perfectly to appear like an old Apple Monitor, complete with miniature floppy disk drive. Perfect for when you need some clunky 1980s appeal to balance out all of that 2017 minimalism.

Available at ElagoStore, priced around £12.

InstruMMents 01

Just when you thought technology couldn’t kill off anything else, InstruMMents goes and signals the end of the humble tape measure. Like something out of Men In Black, the Canadian tech firm’s pen-like ‘dimensioning’ device uses a laser to size up the dimensions of any object, straight, curved or contoured, before sending the exacts to your smartphone.

Available at instrumments, priced £150.

Menu Beer Foamer

According to experts, separating out the beer and foam during pouring produces a denser head and a better taste. Distilling that know-how, Danish brand Menu is here to turn flat tinnies into a keg-quality drink by whipping up up meringue-y light and fluffy foam to top up your glass with. The resulting pint will have you frothing at the gills.

Available at indish, priced £35.

MediCom Padauk Wood Be@rbrick

As the Supreme of the toy world, Be@rbrick’s releases are hyped beyond anything you’d ever expect from a teddy bear. This grained Padauk wood bear features a distinctive red shade, before it starts to age into a purple-hued rosewood. Priced around the same as a first car (we did say they were hyped), the bears are only available via a lottery system at official MediCom Toy locations.

Available at Medicomtoy, priced £1,150.

Lexus LS Sedan Yacht

Once you’ve established a sexy, sporty car brand, what’s left to do but start a sexy, sporty yacht brand? Lexus’ first foray into luxury yachts has been unveiled; constructed from carbon fibre by esteemed yacht group Marquis-Carver and featuring a pair of V8 engines capable of 440 horsepower each. Touchscreen control panels add a Bond-villain edge to the sleek interiors, which come with eight fold out seats and a leather and wood-clad passenger cabin.


Viberg & Haven Overdyed Indigo & Black Service Boots

Haven’s series of 10-year anniversary releases have gained cult status, and this latest instalment, courtesy of Canadian bootmaker Viberg, shows no sign of bucking the trend. Based on a 1931 silhouette, the boots are made with hand-dyed Italian kangaroo leather and feature a side zipper along with an incredibly technical-sounding Gloxi-cut Vi-lite Vibram construction. We don’t know what it means, but we want it.

Available at havenshop, priced around £925.