Sonos Playbase

Soundbars are a great alternative to the tinny noise of most TV’s built-in speakers, but they often fall short of expectations. So naturally, we’re excited that audio expert Sonos could soon be launching a new home entertainment system. Details of the ‘Playbase’ leaked online via a retailer’s listing, and while someone might be getting a swift telling off, we’re glad they’ve given us a chance to save up.

Available from March at Sonos, priced £550.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

It’s every man’s dream: a personal assistant who, for less than £40, will order a takeaway whenever you fancy. That’s exactly what you get with the latest version of Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, which – along with thousands of hours of streaming and over 7,000 apps – features the Alexa technology currently invading homes via the Echo speaker.

Available at Amazon, priced £39.99.

UBTech Jimu Robot TankBot Kit

Anyone who’s ever seen a sci-fi film knows the first step toward living in the future is household robots. Thanks to UBTech’s new Lego-meets-RoboCop launch, we’re closer than ever. The brains in this self-assembly Jimu robot responds to code or connects to an app that you can use to command it to grab you a beer with its mechanical arms.

Available at Apple, priced £144.95.

CCM Spitfire

As if motorbikes didn’t scream ‘man’ enough already, British manufacturer CCM had to go and make a model crafted from the same steel used to make WWII fighter planes. The aptly named Spitfire features a 600cc single-cylinder engine, chunky 19-inch wheels and a slightly more modern digital dash. Is it good enough to overlook the fact that James Blunt already has one? It might just be.

Available at CCM Motorcycles, priced £7,995.

D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD Camera

Home security has had a high-tech upgrade since the days of the humble house alarm. This all seeing eye from experts D-Link is the first camera to tie into Apple’s smart home system. So, as well as keeping your kit safe from burglars, the 180-degree lens can also talk to other appliances and do things such as turn on lights when it detects motion.

Available at Apple, priced £199.95.

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II

After a few years in the shadows, while the DSLR and phone cameras had their moments, the in-between compact shooter is making a comeback. Canon’s update to the original G7 X packs a precision 20MP sensor, three-inch tilting touchscreen and nighttime system into a sleek all-black body that’ll fit into any jacket pocket.

Available at Canon, priced £575.99.

Hay x Cos Edge Notebook

A chewed-up biro and dog-eared notepad impresses no one in the boardroom. The gilt-edged pages of this notebook from Danish furniture brand Hay and premium high street retailer Cos may be minimalist in design, but it’ll maximise your chances of that promotion.

Available at Cos, priced £5.

Nespresso Creatista Machine

George Clooney or not, a coffee machine is a kitchen essential for the modern man. Nespresso’s latest model is for anyone with a habit of dropping big bucks on daily Joes from the local hipster joint. Preprogrammed settings remember favourite drinks and it’ll also foam and froth without the need to clean it. After 150 days of swapping shop-bought for homemade; it’ll have paid for itself.

Available at Nespresso, priced £399.