Haig Club x Selfridges Custom Whisky Bottle

Providing you didn’t inherit his dodgy hairline or naff athletic ability, chances are you’ve got a lot to thank your old man for. Few things say ‘you’re neat’ like a glass of whisky, so Selfridges has teamed up with the grain gurus at Haig Club to offer limited edition Father’s Day packaging, complete with a custom engraved copper swing tag.

Available from 1 June at Selfridges London, Manchester & Birmingham from 1 June, priced £49.

Anglepoise X Paul Smith Type 75 Desk Lamp

Putting British design in the spotlight, English design legend Paul Smith has partnered with famed lamp makers Anglepoise once again. The pair’s latest joint venture is a reimagining of the firm’s Type 75 Lamp, which has been brightened up with Smith’s signature colourways.

Available at Anglepoise, priced £170.

Gentlemen’s Hardware Portable Barbecue

When it comes to summer, if it ain’t barbequed, it ain’t food. Put heat to the meat wherever you go with this portable cooker from Bath-based Gentlemen’s Hardware. Perfect for festivals, the mini suitcase-style kit opens up to reveal enough space for just the right amount of burgers and sausages needed for chillin’ n grillin’.

Available at Amazon, priced £52.50.

Phase One IQ3 100MP Achromatic

Most cameras sell themselves on what they can do. However, Phase One’s latest model is showing off what it can’t. The world’s first 101-megapixel achromatic camera, the IQ3 has no colour filter, meaning it shoots only in black and white to focus on delivering tack-sharp photos. All for the price of a Porsche 911 Turbo.

Available to pre-order at Phase One, priced £38,000.

Mr Porter Summer 2017 Grooming Kit

Summer brings with it a whole new set of (often literal) sticky grooming situations. Fortunately, scorching temperatures and damaging UV rays are no match for the must-haves inside Mr Porter’s dedicated kit. From Lab Series’ All-in-One Shower Gel to Baxter of California’s travel-sized Under Eye Complex, this box contains all the essentials to make it through the season without breaking a sweat.

Available at Mr Porter, priced £75.

The Folio Society Dr No

Granted, we’re past the age now where we read books for the pictures, but that hasn’t stopped The Folio Society from bringing James Bond to life with a series of illustrated editions. This handsome version of Ian Fleming’s Dr No calls on London-based Fay Dalton to capture everything from 007’s battle with a giant squid to the slightly easier on the eye Honey Ryder.

Available at The Folio Society, priced £34.95.

Sennheiser Flex 5000

Netflix and chill for one? Keep it that way. The Sennheiser Flex 5000 is a wireless audio transmitter system that let’s you use any wired pair of headphones to watch TV without being tethered to the screen. Just try to keep your hands to yourself.

Available at Amazon, priced £179.99.

Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft is going for the iPad’s jugular with the launch of the new Surface Pro. The 2-in-1 Windows tablet hybrid, which can turn into a laptop with the addition of a keyboard, has been completely redesigned (it contains around 800 new parts), making it thinner, lighter and with a longer battery life than ever before.

Available to pre-order at Microsoft, priced £799.