Zayn Malik’s new collab with Versus Versace was everything we expected: lots of pouting, lots of leather and a Hadid sister (though it seemed Bella scored the gig this time round). What we didn’t anticipate, however, was yet another follicular victory that’ll bore every barber in the country this summer.

Following a long line of trailblazing cuts, the singer hit the top of the crops again – with a chart entry less structured than what we’re used to. The asymmetrical style Malik sported a few months ago has grown out in favour of a part-Kurt Cobain, part-Bill and Ted vibe, signalling another big departure from the star’s pristine boy band days. And it’s a look that’s easily achieved if you boast one thing: length.

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Let the short back and sides grow out, losing the quiff for a longer fringe that drops over the eyeline (and yes, this will annoy you no end). Darker heads can opt for a blonde highlight throughout – only to be provided by a trained professional, mind – to lighten things up for the summer months. Just ask your barber to taper any additional weight as opposed to length on your next visit, lest you start looking like the awkward middle brother from Hanson.

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For daily styling, a simple matte paste ran through your hair with your fingertips gives texture without overworking. Zayn’s success relies on that coveted, often-frustrating ‘effortless’ approach, and since we’re guessing you don’t have Versace on speed dial, you can still achieve the look by keeping your mirror-time to a bare minimum.

There’s a foil to cookie-cutter Love Island crops after all.