If you wear glasses, getting the right frames is one of the most important sartorial choices you’re likely to face. Get it wrong and the most visible thing you’re wearing won’t suit your style. Do no homework at all, and they won’t work for your face shape, either, bringing all those quirks you don’t like into much sharper focus.

To make sure that no aspect of your style is left unattended, eyewear brand Arnette has devised a range of frames that bestow some laid-back cool, no matter your personal style or face shape.

With 25 years of easygoing style behind them, Arnette frames riff gently on their pre-millennium heritage, combining time-tested styles with modern street-influenced design. The result is highly wearable eyewear – functional frames that feel modern and fashion-forward. Most styles are matte and unshowy in simple blacks and timeless tortoiseshells but there are also colourful options and different frame styles to suit every bone structure.

They’re all available at Glasses.com at prices you’ll squint at before you believe. Plus, the site is having a promotion with 10 per cent off all Arnette optical glasses and sunglasses with free shipping. Just use the code Arnette, which is valid from 18 December 2018 to 29 January 2019.

There are 25 styles available and we’ve picked our favourites below.

The FashionBeans Edit

The Bottom Turn

With their rounded tortoiseshell frames the Bottom Turn glasses subtly reference the old-school styling of Gregory Peck but keep things feeling suitably up-to-date with their black contrast arms which add unexpected design flair. These circular frames will work best on oval and square faces.

Buy Now: $124.00

The Synth AN7106

Heavy rimmed square glasses are the ideal optical option for those looking to add a bold edge to their look and can be used as a signature style. The Synth AN7106 frames capitalise on a thick, black statement-making rim but use contrast tortoiseshell arms and a rectangular shape to soften the effect: think the sixties by way of the nineties, but very much at home in the 21st century. They’re the ideal companion for those who spend much of their working week in a sharp suit and will work best on rectangular faces.

Buy Now: $125.00

The AN6113

Crafted with full metal rims, the AN6113 glasses combine cutting-edge modernity with classic circular lenses which, together, offer the ideal fusion of trend and tradition. Although fashioned from black metal, their slimline frame profile offers a less dramatic statement than that offered by thicker frames. Simultaneously retro and modern, they’ll work just as well with workwear as they will with laid-back classics at the weekend. A people pleaser suitable for those with long, oval or square faces.

Buy Now: $164.00

The Woot AN6114

In a world of identikit glasses, bringing your personal style into focus can be a challenge, but the Woot AN6114 frames make light work of making a statement. Thanks to a design that fuses reliable functionality with an eye-catching finish, the lens shape (halfway between circular and rectangular) will suit most face shapes, while the monochromatic two-tone frame design makes for a memorable fashion accessory.

Buy Now: $164.95

The AN7038

For those who want to combine laid-back style with subtle design flair, the AN7038 glasses are the perfect option as the cool black outer frames conceal a blue reverse. Add to this the flattering lens shape which combines rectangular and rounded elements and you’ve got the ideal style for men who like to err on the subtler side without going completely old-school.

Buy Now: $164.00

The Lipslides AN7126

Bold colour is often overlooked when it comes to glasses for fear it will overpower anything else that you’re wearing. Dial that down however, and you’ve got a pair of frames which can’t be accused of following the crowd but similarly won’t ruffle too many feathers. The Lipslides AN7126 frames update the classic tortoiseshell pattern by employing deep burgundy instead of brown, making them the perfect fusion of new and old design principles.

Buy Now: $144.95