Who: Gucci Mane

Where: Warner Music Pre-Grammy Awards Party, New York

‘Style’ is a word that largely evades men with an ice cream tattoo on their face. That said, Gucci Mane isn’t most men. The Alabama-born rapper nailed a tonal look, pulling together several shades of navy and using a chevron neckline to draw the eye downward for a slimming effect. Imitate this, not the questionable ink.

Who: Zayn Malik

Where: New York

Despite his best efforts, Zayn Malik is a popstar – a bona fide, sweet as pie, autotune-loving popstar. And finally, he made like his contemporaries in a powder pink two-piece. No overarching darkness. No try-hard streetwear. Just a tailored look that’s sweet enough without heading for the Katy Perry school of blue wigs and whipped cream bras (probably a good call).

Who: Ansel Elgort

Where: Spotify’s Best New Artists 2018 Party, New York

Baby Driver on-screen, mature dresser off it – Ansel Elgort’s sartorial nous defies his 23 years. The Golden Globe nominee made not one, but two louder pieces work by sticking to a similar palette and anchoring with classic high-tops. Youth club just got cool.

Who: Michael B. Jordan

Where: Black Panther Premiere, Los Angeles

Black tailoring is the ultimate way to flatter. It cuts out shadows, eliminating the pounds your workouts won’t. However, Michael B. Jordan showed it’s also the ultimate way to stand out, with golden collar tips serving as a single contrast detail to take his look to the next level. There’s no such thing as the new black.

Who: Nick Jonas

Where: 60th Annual Grammy Awards, New York

Nick Jonas is all sorts of underdressed for an event as prestigious as the Grammys. It’s a look you can replicate this weekend, though. The checked overcoat not only adds polish to monochrome staples, but similarly coloured socks tie the look together. Just don’t expect this to fly at your next black tie do.

Who: Brad Goreski

Where: 60th Annual Grammy Awards, New York

Brad Goreski has a huge advantage as co-host on E!’s style-espousing, confidence-crushing Fashion Police. Still, his Wes Anderson take on the village librarian deserves our praise. By coordinating shades throughout his outfit – the maroon blazer lapels with red stripes to the V-neck, for instance – here’s a that look lives up to Goreski’s resume.

Who: Donald Glover

Where: 60th Annual Grammy Awards, New York

Only one man can pull off tricky all-white tailoring. No, not P. Diddy, but our best dressed man of 2017, Donald Glover. At this year’s Grammys, Childish Gambino lifted the diamond whites with barely-there texture to the blazer: a guaranteed way to add depth. We knew we were right about him.

Who: Darren Criss

Where: Grammy Salute to Industry Icons Party, New York

When the red carpet is full of pap-pleasing statement looks, it makes sense to keep things simple – something Darren Criss knows all too well. The American Crime Story star went for a symphony of tailored staples and let the finer details – like contrast lapels and a polka dot tie – grab the attention.

Who: Usher

Where: Black Panther Premiere, Los Angeles

Not a single banger in the last five years, but quite frankly, Usher’s greatest hits are made outside the studio these days. At the Black Panther premiere, the man responsible for lyrics like “oh, oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh my gosh,” went platinum in a colourful bomber jacket grounded by all-black staples.