Who: Daniel Kaluuya

Where: Palm Springs International Film Festival

The term ‘west coast cool’ may conjure images of skaters with more bongs than brain cells, but that didn’t stop Daniel Kaluuya from smartening up the act when visiting Palm Springs. The Get Out star made two simple switches – a shirt for a tee, and shoes for minimalist white sneakers – to make dressed-down tailoring a breeze.

Who: Eric Rutherford

Where: Miami

Trust Eric Rutherford to have a better NYE than you. No half-arsed fireworks, no sense of looming dread and no couple hogging the bathroom as they scream at one another. Instead, the Instamodel keeps his Miami nights on the right side of Ripley, teaming a piped polo shirt with equally classic shorts and kicks below. Happy New Year indeed.

Who: Michael B. Jordan

Where: New York Film Critics Circle Awards

Seems Michael B. Jordan is taking cue from his filmography, with the Black Panther opting for full monochrome tailoring at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards. It doesn’t sound groundbreaking, but the look is lifted thanks to a floral quilted design, giving what could be a tame outfit some serious bite.

Who: Armie Hammer

Where: New York Film Critics Circle Awards

He’s set to clean up during awards season, and we’re not just talking about the laundry bill from Call Me By Your Name. Armie Hammer, the ascendant Oscars darling, is already dressing the part of best actor, matching a tricky coloured check with complementary tones on the shirt and tie for a statement two-piece.

Who: Johannes Huebl

Where: New York

If this is what Johannes Huebl looks like on a day off, heaven help the rest of us. Not that he’s inimitable. The model went for shades of grey, tying together three different tones for a warm winter look. Throw in some texture via a wool overcoat and you’ll look as sharp as the man’s cheekbones.

Who: Chiké Okonkwo

Where: The Chi Premiere, Los Angeles

From bedpan-driven drama in Holby City to actual West Hollywood, British actor Chiké Okonkwo has come a long way. So too has his wardrobe. By pairing an overcoat with similarly patterned trousers, but subbing a shirt for a sweater, the 35-year-old clinches that elusive smart-casual sweet spot in this tonal look. Just what the doctor ordered.

Who: Common

Where: Palm Springs International Film Festival

January blues aren’t limited to bank balance tears and near-death experiences in the gym. As rapper Common proves, cobalt tailoring is bold enough for the new year lull without upsetting formal dress codes. Plus, a razor-sharp fit will let you deploy it throughout 2018 (providing you keep the Christmas weight off, that is).