Who: Josep Guardiola

Where: FA Community Shield, Wembley Stadium

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola is a man widely credited with bringing runway style to our British touchlines, arriving on our shores in an arsenal of Rick Owens kicks and Stone Island sweaters. This is a more pared down look for Pep though, as he opts for the risky half tuck, which keeps the tee formal at the front, casual at the back, with the classy one-two of those contrasting cropped chinos and Adidas sneakers running the engine room down below.

Who: Jeff Goldblum

Where: LAX International Airport, Los Angeles

Sometimes the menswear fashionistas are so preoccupied with whether or not they could they don’t stop to think if they should. Jurassic Park star Jeff Goldblum instinctively knows what should be done, mainly breaking up all-black with little flashes of white in his polo shirt and slip-ons as well as varying his textures between leather and denim. It’s a look we’ve come to expect from Goldblum – a bit off the wall, but with bucketloads of refined sophistication.

Who: Liam Gallagher

Where: London, UK

No morning rain is going to soak Liam to the bone with his trusty waterproof anorak on and although it’s the height of summer, a lightweight one won’t cause you to randomly combust. The matte texture also works well to break up the black trousers as does the stitching on his brown leather moccasins. Then it’s just a pair of sleazy 70s style shades for a dash of rock and roll maximalism and the Oasis frontman is all done. As you were.

Who: Finn Wolfhard

Where: ‘Dog Days’ Film Premiere, Los Angeles

It’s hard to believe Stranger Things hero Finn Wolfhard is only 15, seen as we were still struggling to tie our shoelaces at that age. Wolfhard knows not only how to tie his shoes, but also how to pair them in a smart casual get-up that would put well-dressed men twice his age to shame. The sharp blue trousers keep everything slim down below too, while the air tie is a style move every casual Friday worker needs to get on.

Who: Ewan McGregor

Where: ‘Christopher Robin’ Film Premiere, London

It’s ol’ McGregor again (not Connor, never Connor) on our best-dressed men list, once again killing it while doing the rounds for new film Christopher Robin. This get-up is rather similar to last week’s with a pair of cropped trousers and a T-shirt worn under an impeccably fitting blazer. This time around though the navy jacket is swapped out for bottle green, with the dark and rich shade keeping the actor’s style classy.

Who: Henry Golding

Where: ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Film Premiere, Los Angeles

We’re seeing the rules of black tie being bent over backwards a lot more recently, with red carpet celebs taking a more daring, flashy approach to cocktail attire than the usual all-black penguin suit. This is about as debonair as it gets but the sky blue and shawl lapels work for actor Henry Golding because of the classic trouser fit with its slight break at the hem, which works well with his scrubbed up monk strap shoes.

Who: Harry Shum Jr.

Where: ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Film Premiere, Los Angeles

Harry Shum Sr. you’ve taught your son well, for Jr. is rocking a very clean and tidy look that any father would be proud of. The suit is a good fit on the former Glee actor and he’s got it right by leaving the bottom button undone. Also notice how there are no bunches on the shoulders either, how that navy knitted tie chunkily cuts through the sky blue shirt and the fly-as-a-G6 Oxford shoes add a bit of quirk to a stand-up outfit.

Who: Nick Jonas

Where: JVxNJ fragrance launch, New York

Oh, Nicky, your style’s so fine, it’s so fine it blows our mind. Yep, Nick Jonas is looking in great nick here in his favoured double denim although when doubling up we would ideally go for a slightly darker shade in the shirt. However, the grey undershirt does succeed in breaking the denim up and Chelsea boots with light wash jeans are a classic, failsafe pairing.

Who: John Cho

Where: ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ TV show, Los Angeles

Yes, that is indeed Harold from Harold & Kumar and yes Harold aka actor John Cho is now an absolute, complete menswear boss. Just look at the crop on those navy trousers showing off his sparkling clean sneakers and the sleeves on his tee cut right where they should be around the mid-bicep. And then a perennially trendy weekend bag and some minimalist shades to finish things off. You go, John Cho.

Who: Ricky Martin

Where: TCA Awards, Los Angeles

Singer Ricky Martin has been living ‘la Vida Loca’ for nearly two decades now, but going off this look he’s decided to put the crazy life to bed. Black is slimming and keeps the looking-good-for-his-age Martin trim, but it’s still never too wise to go for skinny jeans in your 40s. Which is where Martin’s looser cut trousers come in, and the cuffed hem is also a good move if you have some sneakers to show off – in this case Alexander McQueen specials with a thick white sole for a sprinkle of sprezzatura effortlessness.